Saturday, 30 July 2005

Part two

Hyde Park part two

Trina and Cat disappeared back to the hotel for breakfast.  James had split his trousers and was waiting for someone to get him some new ones.  Here he is with a makeshift Waitrose bag:


The day went on (obviously) and more and more people turned up and the sun got hotter and hotter.  Trina and Cat got lost on their way to the hotel and on the way back, but they did come back with cups of T, thank goodness :-)  We gave everyone their veils and sashes to wear as this was Trina's 'unofficial' hen night.  :-)  Becky and Rosie didn't really wanna wear theirs so Fairy took one of the veils and didn't take it off all day.  Fairy and I went for a walk to get more t's and coffee's.  LOL.............we got out of the park and rung Trina to find out where she had gone.  Some garage on the other side of the road, so we headed to the other side of the road.  We kept getting looks from everyone.  Mind you it was like 10am on a Friday and there were two girls wearing veils LOL...........we walked up and down the other side and even asked a road sweeper.  He gave us instructions but we couldn't understand what he said, we must have passed him at least 3 times LOL...........We went back to the park side and decided to get some from the vans that we'd seen.  Some bloke asked if one of us was the bride, basically he was gonna offer a voucher for the open topped bus tour of London :-)  Got the T's and coffee's and bacon rolls and headed back!!

So of us waited under the tree as it was the only shade on offer.  It was quite a good laugh really.  We got to talking about WWRY and Jules agreed with me that Alex Hanson was the best Kashoggi :-)  Anyway the stewards came out and started fencing off the entrance into seperate walkways.  Organisation mode switched on and we had to try and get at least one person down each row.  arrrrrrhhhhhh.....  At around 12ish some stupid person stood up in the queue and everyone else followed him.  They made it so you couldn't sit back down again coz there was no room...........grrrrrrrrrrrr

I was getting more hot and more bothered the amout of time we were waiting.  I know your all expecting me to tell you I had a great time and I think on reflection I did but queueing in the sun didn't agree with me and I was irritable!!  (plus this is a while ago and I don't remember too much about it LOL............)

More stewards appeared at 3ish and they removed the fence thingys and let us a bit more forward.  It was amazing to see the amount of people milling around.  Not just for the Gold Circle but General Admission as well.  We could see the queue for that!!  I do remember us trying to chat our steward bloke up.  He said it was his first day on the job and he liked 50 cent.  Some people have no taste LOL.........  Trina and I were carrying quite a bit so I told her I would take the bags and she can run in and save me a space.

The back of the queue were getting annoyed coz they didn't know the open time had been pushed back to 4pm.  Eventually they let us in, I let Trina go in front of me and I got stopped by the woman doing the searches.  It wasn't just the fact she wanted to see what was in the bags but she wanted the tops of the bottles opened.  I was holding up the queue big time!!  I could tell people were starting to get annoyed, especially when one bloke said 'get a move on love'.  I felt annoyed, I'd been there since 5am and all the other rows were getting in before me.  When I was eventually allowed to go there was a MASSIVE walk to get round to the stage.  I'd given up hope!!

I did find Trina - she'd saved me a space bless her, but all I could do was sit down and cry!!  Don't ask me why, I have a feeling it was all the emotion that was running through me for the past few days!!

We were all made to sit down.  The first support wasn't due on till about 7pm.  The big screens showed text messages and some crappy music was playing.  I managed to calm down but I was annoyed coz we weren't near any of our mates.  We were next to the barrier though!  Here are some photos that were taken before the gig started.

  Trina in her veil and Gavin with Sarah's veil on :-)

  Becky and Rosie.  I was stood next to Rosie.  She was really excited as it was her first time stood at a barrier :-)  Bless her!!

Cat's text message went up and so did Trina's but mine didn't!!  I texted something like 'Queen and Paul Rodgers are the best!!  Magic is about to happen'

Did it?  Find out in part three :-)


labdancer51 said...

That`s one good use of a supermarket carrier bag! :-)

Sandra xxx

irisclyde said...

You've got me singing along here.....It's kind of magic......

jules19642001 said...

I am on the edge of my seat here hoping the concert went ahead and hoping you enjoyed it............Jules xxxxxx

shadp said...

Well, at least you're a seasoned veteran at waiting in line for hours these days - so it would have been just water off a duck's back to you! But it must have been pretty grim waiting in hot sun all day. James sure has a lot of stuff in that bulging Waitrose bag of his - or was he just pleased to see you! Hope the gig did go well - and magic happened!


sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, love the Waitrose bag photo :o)
I hope that it was magic, and that it was worth that long long wait!!  Wow, I don't know if I could do that, just goes to show what mega fans you all are!
Sara   x