Monday, 11 July 2005

The Weekend!

Hi Everyone, oh my where do I start??  Firstly I apologise for not commenting on all your journal entries since Thursday.  I am trying to catch up but it's one hell of a task ;-)  Just thought I would have a break from reading them to try and give you an update.

Thursday - wake up, feeling fairly happy and excited about the weekend ahead.  Get to work with all my stuff and try and concentrate on work.  Some point during the morning James says he's read that there's been an explosion in London.  I'm like 'what??' so he says it again.  I'm like 'oh!'  Start reading the news on the Internet later and start panicking, not just because I'm supposed to go there but also because of the people I know there!!  Queen mates travelling up a day early.  Starts frantic phone calls!!  Lunch time rolls round, not hungry, log onto QOL to find out what's going on!!  Large thread, everyone checking that everyone's ok!!  No phone signals in London so everyone's logged on.......never seen so many people logged on!  Worry seeping into me, feel so helpless, can't concentrate on my work.  Receive a phone call from friend travelling up, she's stuck in Reading, but she's ok and making her way home!  Will gig be cancelled?  What if they cancel and reschedule for the 13th Aug?  Will the hotel give my money back?  I just couldn't believe any of it.  I mean there I was standing by the printer, looking out across the lawn at that serene, peaceful landscape, all the time thinking about the chaos in London and how wrong it seemed we were carrying on!!

Eventually Trina rings to say she's arrived and to meet her outside for Wayne to drive us to the station.  Get to station in time for train.  Sit in car debating what to do!!  Receive text message, gig postponed to next Friday.  First thought was 'oh no that's the day the accounts are due I'll never get the day off', more panic!!  Razorlight play on the radio and I burst into tears.  I've been welling up all day and finally let them go.........We decide to go to Bristol and stay with Cat for the weekend.  I don't really wanna be there but tag along anyway.

As soon as we arrive in Bristol Cat takes us to her local for a 'couple' of pints.  They chuck us out at closing time!!  I was bored rigid.  I don't go out clubbing, pubbing whatever you wanna call it because I'm a people watcher more than a social person and don't find it easy to mix, unless they are Queen fans. ;-) Nobody in the pub was, and Trina was getting on well with everyone and I just wanted to go home.  The whole day had been FUBAR!!  We started the long walk to Cat's place, Trina and I still had our bags, and I started moaning how I wanted to go home.  I didn't, I went to Cat's with the girls, but I wasn't enjoying myself.  Plus at that time I should've been in London!!

Friday - Woke up quite late.  No hangover, I don't seem to get them *touches wood* LOL.......Cat makes bacon sarnies and we watch Charmed.  Then we get up and walk down to the station to meet Sarah.  She had flown back from Cologne on Thursday and was in London most of the day, walking here, there and everywhere, just trying to get home and out of the capital.  Met Sarah and went round to the Weatherspoons for more drink and food :-)  Had a good chat, she convinced us to go to the QOL meet up in November, so we booked our WWRY tickets there and then.  Managed to get Row B seats near Sarah and Gavin, cool!!  She had to go not long after that, had to see the docs and make her way to Arnhem for a gig.  After seeing Sarah off at the train station, we get munchies and make our way back to Cat's.  She falls asleep, so Trina and I end up watching BB.  Can't say I was shocked Maxwell went, before his name was called I mouthed his name, which I thought was quite strange coz I assumed Science was going!!

Saturday - Got up, had bacon sarnies :-)  and ventured into town, far  too hot!!  Managed to get some stuff for the 'hen' party at Hyde Park next week.  We got some sashes, and veils for the girlies!!   Should look good and hopefully we'll get a comment from the band if they see us LOL..............dream on Jen!!  Looked for new shoes for work, couldn't find any, had an ice cream, then made our way home.  Cat and Trina had their afternoon nap, whilst I browsed the internet on Cat's laptop.  I want one!!  LOL..........After a while Cat got up and made us some food.  Sweet and sour chicken and rice.  Very nice and tasty.  Then down to the pub for more booze.  I was all prepared to be bored again but had a right laugh.  Hardly anyone in the pub (there was more on Thursday) but we kept putting tunes on the jukebox.  First cheesy ones, then rock ones.  We had a run of Queen tunes, followed by Amarillo and all three of us were singing rather loudly to these.  We were joined by some random though LOL  Had to keep Trina's mind off her other half who was on his stag do, (because of his headaches he hasn't had a drink in years, but this weekend he was going for it, but this could trigger them off!!)..........Pub closed and we made a fuss of the dogs, then walked home.  Put on a Queen video and started singing loudly again.  :-)  Fell asleep soon afterwards.

Sunday - Woke up fairly earlyish.  Watched Hollyoaks and then the grand prix.  Not a GP fan, but actually sat and watched it all :-)  Cat cooked a roast, bless her!!  Haven't had a roast in yonks and that was delicious.  She and Trina had their afternoon nap, so I watched the OC....oooo twist's love 'em!!  Then it was time to head home.  Walked to train station.  Too hot!!  Cat couldn't get our tix out for next er!!  Said she'd post them to us, cross your fingers peeps!  Got on train, boredom ensued, so Trina and I had a water fight towards the end of the journey, LOL...........Not quite as bad as what your imagining I reckon ;-)  Got home and found I had no milk.  Got bike out and cycled to get some.  Home again, bucket of cold water and my feet arrrrrhhhhh......... It was a good weekend, even after all that atrocity.  I won't go into detail about what I feel about terrorists.  All I know is I hate them!!

Monday - Managed to get day off for Friday.  Team Leader knew it had been cancelled and agreed straight away coz she knew that I was gonna ask LOL.........I was all prepared to beg and everything LOL.......Couldn't concentrate at work, melting most of the day..........Went shopping when I got home and tried to tidy the flat.  Not really happening so sat and tried to catch up on my reading.   Sat down to eat my tea and was flicking through TV mag and suddenly there's a creature on the sofa under the mag.  Flick it away and now don't know where it is.......arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!  Don't you just hate it when that happens.

Well I think your pretty much up to date now :-)

If anyone knows how to play tracks that you download, that you've paid for please let me know!!  I have windows player 9, and I've managed to play them before but I can't remember how!! - thanks peeps!!

Take care everyone xx



jeanno43 said...

Sounds like you have been having a hectic time. All we did was sit and watch the horror unfold and talk about it on here. I think everyone has been depressed.

rachealcarol said...

Jen you were in thoughts, Team Leader is marvellous and should be on the Xmas card list very good you got the day off.  Intrigued by the water fight!!!!.  You're booked for November, brilliant.  xxRache

wobblymoo said...

It's been a weird week. Just find the track you've downloaded and double clickon it that should do it :)

suzyh73 said...

Love your dolly :) Sounds as if you had a tiring time!!! Sorry the gig was cancelled :(


jules19642001 said...

sorry the gig was cancelled. I think most people have been depressed after last Thursday, hope you feel better soon..........Jules xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

I'm sorry the gig was cancelled Jen, I know you were looking forward to it for ages.  Not long to wait though :o)  We've all been saying that we have to carry on as normal, to not let the terrorists win, so I think it's great that you made the most of the weekend, despite what happened and being dissapointed.  And I'm very glad that your friends that were in London are all OK.  Mmm, fancying a bacon sarnie now ;o)
Sara   x

shermeen0621 said...

Cancelled concerts. Crashing trains. And still we manage to carry on, bond together, the power of being English. I hope that you have a good week.

labdancer51 said...

I thought about you when I heard the gig was cancelled.  You`ll see them again soon.  For some reason whenever I read your journal I start singing Queen songs!

Sandra xxxx

shadp said...

I'm glad you weren't in London on Thursday anyway - got a bit worried when we heard nothing from you! What a thoughtful team leader you must have - ready to give you Friday off before you even asked. Hope you have a good day there this time.


irisclyde said...

Sounds as though the w/e wasn't that bad after all! And you've still got the gig to look forward to!