Thursday, 26 June 2008

Obsession, Nasty Virus and more Chiefs

Hey yo peeps x

How's you all?  I'm afraid to announce that my computer is poorly :(  Yep it's caught a nasty virus, but it's mummy was a bit silly coz she downloaded some music on Sunday that was infected *slap wrists*  Luckily AVG is kicking in big stylie and telling that nasty virus to hop it coz we don't stand for that kind of stuff round these parts!!!!  So cross your fingers people x

Basically on Sunday night I kept losing my task bar and all the icons from the desktop went missing.  Monday night is still no computer night (well for the majority of the night it is anyway lol) so I didn't turn it on to invesigate.  Tuesday night I weren't home and for the last two nights I've scanned the computer before using it throughouly (can't spell LOL)

Anyway so I'm here and that's the main thing.  The other main thing is my mum is back reading so everyone say hi :o)  She's got her internet connection back and rung last night for my journal address bless her x

So I guess your all wondering how we got on, on Tuesday night?  Well Foo at the Vue did not disappoint and I am smiling broadly because not only did I think I caught a glimpse of myself but our mate Sheila texted Trina (she had gone to see it in Romford) and said 'I saw Jen'  :o)  Yep ladies and gentlemen I am on it, if albeit briefly lol ;)

The first song Pretender shows a shot of the catwalk people and it starts from someone wearing a blue t-shirt (which I was on the Saturday night) and next to her is a person in a red t-shirt (which one of the young kids was wearing also on the Saturday night) yay me :o)  Wayne says he spotted Trina but 'God' Dave was on stage so I didn't see her!!  lol..............Can't wait for the DVD to come out properly so that we can pause these moments and study them properly.  When you think about it properly though 86,000 people and I was shown :o) :o) :o)  That is a huge achievement don't you think????

Otherwise the gig was fantastic reliving it, seeing bits you wouldn't necessairlysee in the audience.  Do you know what ??  I think I might listen to it whilst typing this!! *small pause whilst I find it* That's better :o)

I hate to say it but I think obsession has taken new levels with regards to the Foo Fighters lol...............I LOVE them!!!!  To rephrase I am not actually in love with any of them but as a band they are truely MAGNIFICENT!!!  I seriously do not think that Wembley can be topped by anyone this year and I just feel that every gig that is to come will just be an anti-climax :(    I'm sure they probably won't be but that's just how I feel right now lol...........

Plus here's randomness for at work I was doing something and I just started singing Stairway to Heaven (in my head ;) and then I started singing the Dave Grohl different really from the original but he does it accoustically and sings the guitar parts it's very funny.  So there was that and then I was thinking about the gigs which I've just mentioned and then I started thinking if I EVER win the lottery and you have to remember that chances of this happening are slim to none coz I never do it,  I would spend my money on following the Foo's here there and everywhere :o)  I would be so happy..................of course I would have to take Trina and Wayne with me!!!

See I call that obsessional!!!!!

Anyway I shall leave you here with a slight entry from gig diary x  Last time I left you outside in the rain waiting for non-existant Dave to turn up in Cardiff to hide the fact we were actually stalking LOL..................enjoy x

We heard them rehearse songs we knew, songs we didn't and at one stage we heard the strainings of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' ~ to say this excited Trina, Wayne and myself was a slight understatement!! It was very good though..........and we all had our fingers crossed they would play it during the show!!

After 2 hours (shakes head in disbelief that she does these kind of things), we gave up!! They weren't coming out and we were all freezing. So we went to the pubwhich is just around the corner from the arena. Because of the rugby the pub was quite full already!! We managed to find a small table and Trina ordered some drinks and Wayne wanted food. I felt miserable and cold and Trina kept asking me what was wrong, I couldn't help feeling like that!! It had failed, but most of my best laid plans tend to do that to me. Still some matters are against you from the beginning and you can't win everything. After Wayne had finished, we figured we had better get back to the car as we had to pick up the tickets. Unfortunately I had one of their songs 'Thank you very much' stuck in my head and I kept singing it out loud so I tended to annoy Trina and Wayne with it aswell. Wayne moved the car to another level and we sat there for a while and tried to decide what was the best way to hide the water bottles. Wayne and Trina hid theirs in the hoods of their tops, if i remember rightly I didn't have a hooded top on so I (and please don't think any less of me for this), put them down my trousers. For those of you that are unaware some venues don't let you take water in cos they are selling it there. However if you want to get to the front, there ain't no way you are going to leave your spot for water. If you are lucky the stewards come round half way through with some water but not all venues do this. This particular venue did last time at the Foos but they had a catwalk. There was no possibility that we were going to get to the front so we had to take provisions!! We had already experienced how hot this venue gets.

So armed with bottles of water and complete with tickets we made our way to the queue which had formed since we had been in the pub etc. Joining the back of it we waited patiently for the doors to open. It was cold waiting though!! Eventually the doors did open but we had to seperate as blokes and women had to go in seperately!! This system is so horrible if you wanna get to the front barrier. Especially if like Trina and myself you get stuck behind all these young ladies who insit on taking handbags into gigs. Mind you, I turned round to look at the queue and was extremely glad that we turned up when we did!! Because the girls side of things were not moving very quickly they said that any of us without bags could go a differnt way. So we did and luckily Trina and i got through okay with our water bottles aka they went undetected. Unfortunately Wayne had been spotted with us, which was unfortunate as he had, had to tip it into plastic cups. Bless him!! He thought he had got away with it but they had called him back!

So we made our way into the venue, without the chairs again this time and made our way to the front or as close as we could get. Trina and Wayne were heading left, so I shouted at them to follow me and we headed towards the middle. Unfortunately we had to wait for ages for the gig to actually start so we sat down for a while on the floor. All these little girls tried to push past us and we tried to be as awkward as possible so they wouldn't but eventually they went past. Still at least these girls were all smaller than me so even with them in front I still had a pretty good view.

The first support act came on eventually. They were called The Little Ones. In my opinion they were okay but certainly nothing special. The bass player made everyone in the audience chuckle as it didn't seem to matter what song was playing he would head bang to it!! It didn't stop when he swapped places with the keyboard player. He was a nutcase!!

After they finished their set there was a break. I hate these moments most in gigs as you have to think of something to talk about!! I think it was during this break that Trina left Wayne and I for a few minutes to go to the loo. I don't like my friends doing that coz it means I have to save their space and they have to fight their way back to us!! I'm not good at saving spaces. I know you have to make yourself big and stuff but I feel like I'm big but if someone wanted to argue the point I would probably loose! Luckily she made it back okay *phew* We couldn't really hear the music being played on the sound system and there was no room for us to sit down.

Second support act was We Are Scientists. I didn't know anything by them but the little girls in front of us seemed to be fans. I was impressed and found them to be quite good. Made a note to myself to download their album when I got home, or perhaps the next day as it was going to be a late night! It was during this band that people started pushing forwards. Some tall bloke and his misses pushed past the bloke who had been standing quietly next to me. He wasn't much taller than me so of course he was a bit miffed that these people had pushed past. He started arguing with them to move and I tried to get involved coz the bloke had a point, but I got some lovely language back. Figured it was a non winning battle. More and more people were coming down to the front by this point and it was getting a bit freaky. This did not bode well when the main band came out! By this point We Are Scientists had finished and the stage was being changed over. It was at this point that some bloke put his arms round me and quietly asked if he could go in front of me.

Ok I'm gonna leave it on this cliff hanger ~ but trust me the next part is fab ;)

Love y'all x

p.s I have many alerts to read ~ sorry peeps x

p.p.s I'm not adventurous I figured I had better start using more than just chillin' lol ;)


mortonlake said...

am i to understand  you  like music??   doesnt  seem  to come across          roflmao         bless  you,   you  take  care  lots  love  mort  xxx      

xxroxymamaxx said...

Hey you Jenny and mom!! lol  Sorry to hear about your computer woes but glad to hear about such great times you have had with friends.  You are always having fun!!  I'm jealous. lol  J/K.  Have an awesome weekend!!  Love, Shelly

luvrte66 said...

I think it's awesome that you saw yourself in the movie! I hope you can get a photo and post it here!

I understand very well about "band obsession." I'll go on kicks where I get into a band, buy everything they've released, and listen to nothing else for a month or so. Recent obsessions of mine include The Godfathers and The Dandy Warhols.

Oh, and Hi Mum!


jjdolfin9 said...

You have soooo much going on in your life.  I don't know who the Foo's are but they must be awesome Jen.  Sorry about your puter.  What a pain.  Have a great weekend girlfriend.
hugs, Joyce

swmpgrly said...

hello momma

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Jen Jen & Hello Mum !!
Great entry .......your tales of these concerts are so infectious - i wanna go to a concert ....hehee!     Fab news that you saw yourself of the'BIG' screeen - yay!
Big Luv - Jaynee X

jaymact1 said...

Just been hearing Queen are on in Hyde Park tonight on the Mandela concert that should be good for you. enjoy. Love Joan.

pamal3 said...

Lol. What bloke? Heyyy ladyyyy Lol. More Info required here please! Glad you had a great time. When you freeze frame the dvd get a pic of you fired online for me to see! Have a fab weekend Jenners. Oh yeah, almost forgot...Hi Jen's mum, you have a wonderful daughter. Love Pam xx

specialadyfink said...

I'm gonna say Hi MOM -first thing.And 'You have a lovely daughter'
We all love her bunches.and Jen-what a place to take an intermission-want more info on the bloke who put his arms around you..................................
P.S. Thanks for all the lovely comments-you're such a doll

sugarsweet056 said...

Hi there! Hi Mum also! :)
Hope you have a great upcoming week. {{}}

stewielad1 said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the Foo's. I couldn't get tickets for Wembley, but from what I've seen on the net, the stage looked a bit odd and it looked difficult to see the band. I think they will take over from Queen as the band to see when the decide thats that.
Glad your well, not long till Queen!!

rdautumnsage said...

* Jumping up and down and waving frantically to Jen's Mom* Oh you would leave us hanging with some guys arms around fair, hope you fill us in on the details soon. Sorry to hear you comp. is giving you problems hon. (Hugs)Indigo

oddb0dkins said...

Hi Jen, and hello mum.
Oh, and next time I'm in Romford I'll say hello to Sheila as well. ;O)

Hope your computer survives the virus. (Silly girl, been using Limewire have we?)

Do you get royalties for appearing in the video?

B. x

cayasm said...

Glad to read your computer's all and that you enjoyed the concert.

Take care


jlocorriere05 said...

Glad you had a good time at the gig Jen! Poor computer catching a nasty virus, hope it's better soon. Mine's always crashing for no good reason! I think it's prone to tantrums! Lol! Jeannette xx