Tuesday, 5 October 2004

Time to add another entry

Well I guess it is time to add another entry but I can't think of a thing to write.  My bike is still working although the tyres could do with pumping up.  I don't want to attempt it coz I'll probably let them down and pumping them back up is too much like hard work for me!! 

At the weekend my mum and little sister came to see my flat.  I was very happy that they made it coz I didn't think that day was ever gonna come.  When they got here my sis (whose 6), kept walking round saying i don't like your flat it's horrible.  So I laughed it off!!  Later she came into the kitchen when I was in there and whispered 'Baba likes your flat and so do I'.  Bless her!!  She can be cute when she wants to be, but I think mum is letting her get away with too much.  Still that's just my opinion!

Work is still crap!!  Only now I think the s**t is really about to hit the fan.  One creepy bloke in the office who acts like he's manager (but he isn't) was listening into a conversation between this woman and my line manager.  You just know he's gonna hold that against our department.  Over the last few days I really am growing more annoyed with him, but what can you do?  Unfortunately in most cases you have to put up with it.  We have been given a pay rise but the sneaky gits did it in a way we would think oh, maybe they do think of us, but they've conned us out of what's really due to us.....the fight goes on!!

I was having a mid life crisis yesterday.  I joined a message board the other day and yesterday I found out I'm the oldest person whose joined aargh!!!!!!!!  I am 10 years older than the next oldest person on there.  I started thinking why am I trawling the internet looking for messageboards to join and spending all my time doing this when I should be spending my time more pro-actively.  My best mate said that it doesn't matter and I can share my wisdom and knowledge with these young people.  Bless her she knows how to make me feel better.

Talking of my best mate, I was talking to her today and I had to chose my fave Roger Taylor pic for a website the other day and I told her to guess which one I chose.  I also told her I had 200 photos to choose from.  She knew!!  She picked the right one straight away.  I was well shocked, it's scary that she knows me so well, I don't think it would happen the other way round.

Well that's brought you up to date.  I can't get the hang of that haggis game!! ha ha ha.............maybe I'm not spending too much time on the internet after all...


jeanno43 said...

Believe me, you are not the oldest one around, I am!!!! Feel positively geriatric when I read the ages, some of them could be my daughters, no grand-daughters.  Your little sis sounds so cute. They are lovely at that age.

dhcelt said...

Nice to hear from you!

Little kids are mad, lol

sdrogerson said...

Try harder at haggis bashing you could win!!!


ghwt9996 said...

Theres always some weasel in the workplace.  Hope the little sycophant gets what's coming to him.  Fave Roger Taylor pic eh?  Bet you had fun gazing at all those snaps.