Wednesday, 13 October 2004

The Big R

Well just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.  The big boss came down to our office yesterday, gave us a big speech about how we are gonna have to reapply for our posts, gave someone letters to hand out and went.  That person handed out the letters and the general jist of it is we are being made redundant unless we reapply.

I just cannot believe it!!  It's the first time I've ever been in this situation.  They have screwed us over since the beginning and it's ridiculous.  I'm very worried about my rent, xmas and god knows what else......

To top it off, last night I thought I would come on the internet to cheer myself up only to find my flippin' internet connection wouldn't work and windows had a problem.  I've had to reinstall everything grrrr............ :-(

Well I just wanted to moan about this.  I have to reapply whether I like it or not coz I have bills to pay but in all honesty I don't wanna be there anymore.  I guess I shouldn't be putting this stuff on here but who cares?  It's how I'm feeling and I can't keep it in any longer!!


sdrogerson said...

Why do companies do this?
It really ought to be illegal!
I feel for you.

ghwt9996 said...

I would apply for your job and then quickly look to apply for another to get out of there.  Sounds like the company from hell.  Is David Brent in charge?

jeanno43 said...

Same thing happened to my daughter. It is happening the world over.  Firms use it as an excuse to get rid of people because they cannot do it any other way.
Thank you for the visit. I do not mind your passing the poem to your friend.

jules19642001 said...

That kind of thing seems to be happening a lot lately, having to apply your own job. What a weird world we now live in. Internet problems are a terrible pain in the bum and happen not as frequently, thank goodness. Hope you feel better soon........Jules xxx