Thursday, 17 July 2008

Teasing, Evaluation, Bike and Toyboys

Hello all :o) 

Eden Project on Tuesday was good and the Chiefs were superb :o)  More about that at a later date when I manage to do a write up.........gotta make a note of the memories first!  For now though I shall tease you with a pic ;)


Not one of ours I hasten to you can't guess where we were standing ;)  lol  No it's not one of those type of competitions where you have to guess where the football is!!!  I honestly believe our arms (or at least Wayne's) is in this photo tee heee heee........

So Wednesday was calming down from that but also worrying about work..........Don't ask me why I was worrying about work.  I never panic when I'm there why should I start now?  Well we had received an email on Monday from big boss to say that our Job Evaluation results were going to be posted and be with us by Wednesday.  So I get home expecting to see post on my mat and there was nothing there :(

Get to work this morning and P tells me it's all been a c*** up again!!!!  Some letters were going to be received today and the rest have to wait till next week.  So far we've heard that the Assessment team leaders have been upgraded, our team leaders have been down graded and us?  D took a call from his wife who was home to open the post as it arrived and she read it out and I could see he was happy and he kept pointing to the ceiling as if to say we had gone up.  I looked at him as I wasn't quite sure he meant it, he didn't sound excited or anything.  When he came off the call P and I went over and sure enough we've gone up into the next pay scale :o)  *dances round like a silly thing* WOOHOO................... This means we are getting it back paid, which unfortunately will be heavily taxed :(  but hey, it will be nice to get a little extra :o)

Unfortunately we are not allowed to celebrate like we should at work as it's not fair to others which is fair enough.  Several people came up to me to congratulate us :o)  I have to say though that I hope our colleagues in the assessment team have gone up otherwise it's not fair and I wouldn't want to be in their shoes if they haven't.  I imagined that they had and we hadn't and it wouldn't have been nice :(  So fingers crossed for them.

The other good news tonight is that mobile bicycle repair man came to fix my bike :o)  He arrived at 6.15pm and took the bike away.  At 8.30pm he was back :o)  Which was quick considering he said it would be around 9pm.  He said that there was grit in the bearings which was why it was skipping when I was peddling so he cleaned that out but didn't charge me for it :o)  My gear cable was loose so he's tightened that up for me :o)  It cost me £20 YAY which means with the money mum gave me to get it fixed I can now get my hair cut at the weekend :o) :o)  WOOHOO..................

Jenny's a happy bunny and apologises for the amount of smiley faces in this entry lol.......

and now for something even funnier............I have a toyboy ;)  LOL.........that got you all's not real unfortunately!!!  On Monday night at Trina's I was on the web on facebook and playing on Yoville which is a bit like sims where you own a character and can interact with others.  Well this guy came up to my character and said I was gorgeous LOL..........he then proceeded to add me as a friend but I declined him.  He asked me why I had said no, and I told him it was because I don't know him and wouldn't just add anyone.  So he told me his name and that he lives in the UK and he's (can't remember if he said 19 or 21) years old I joked that he could be my toyboy.  What was funnier is that whenever other male characters came near me he would tell them to get lost ROFL...............In the end I've added him as a friend but I've not seen him since :(  Hey ho it's all a laugh at the end of the day ;)

So that's it for now peeps ~ hope your having a good week xx



luvrte66 said...

Congrats on your raise! That's wonderful, especially getting back pay.

Cute story about your toyboy, but how odd that over here he'd be called a boytoy. I wonder why it's opposite??

Enjoy your weekend!


mortonlake said...

just  joined  facebook               come  n find  me  n  say  hi  lol          same  name           congrats  on  pay  rise  hun              you  deserve  it.         well     spose  ya  do???  roflmao                       take  care    love  mort   xxx      

oddb0dkins said...

Congratulations on the payrise Jen. Does that mean you have to sit around doing nothing for longer. ;O)
Only kidding. Wouldn't want you setting off on your bike to come and hit me.

B. x

jaymact1 said...

You were right I did not get an alert for this entry but I did for the one above. All good news from you well done.  Love Joan.

specialadyfink said...

Congrats on the raise what will you do with the extra £
never mind-I know-save it for a concert -of course,LOL

rachealcarol said...

So you're bike can go fast fast fast again.....he's a nice fix it man.

Well done on the pay scale, keep climbing to the top rung :)

No alert for this but I did for the next one, so you're on the right track. Rache

jlocorriere05 said...

Congratulations on the pay rise! I didn't get an alert for this but got one for the entry above. I don't think AOL give out alerts much for mine now ~ either that or everybody's stopped reading me for some reason! Whoops, AOL's making me paranoid! I've done two entries with less than half the normal amount of comments! The photo on this entry has come up as unavailable, it's happened a lot today, maybe they'll be back tomorrow! Glad you got your bike fixed! Jeannette xx

stewielad1 said...

Yay glad you got a pay rise, you deserve it! Not long until Queen now.

mtrib2 said...

Congratulations to you on your pay scale increase.    You would not have gotten it if you did not deserve it.    Your experience attending the Eden Project along with the Chiefs had to be exciting.    I enjoyed concerts with crowds of (young) people when I was young.   Now, I don't even have a social life and all my time is spent thinking about my home and getting it enclosed for this winter.    I just can't do much lifting, and working on this activity is stressfull for me and I only end up resting on my back, then reading and watching TV.    My surgery to my lumbar has made my life much better.    I now know exactly the condition of the rest of my back as it is arthritic.    I really thank you for your encouragement in my journal.    I have my alerts shut off as I don't even use my computer for day's at a time.    I should just be doing my 2 mile walk a day with Salty and I would not feel so exhausted from doing my construction work, which I am not able to do on a regular basis like if my back was more normal.    I will let you know more soon in the near future.     Your real (not cyber) friend, mark