Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Miserable Weekend and it don't get much better

Hiya Peoples :o)  How are you all?  Me?  I'm not so good but thanks for asking lol

Firstly we'll start this entry on a happy note this time next week I shall be at the Eden Project in Cornwall watching the Chiefs do their thing :o)  Yay woohoo :o) :o)  Can't wait!!

Right now the happy news is out of the way let's crack on with the rest of the crap!!

I don't really wanna discuss my weekend but I shall tell you about it just so that I can rant and rave at you all ;)  As you know from the last entry I was going to Taunton on Saturday to visit mum on her birthday.  So after purchasing her a card on Friday with my food shopping and working out my train journey I was all set :)  I had decided that as it was going to be raining rather than catch the early train by walking to the closer station I would catch a bus to the main station and go from there.  Last time I was far too early anyway as mum hadn't got back from her shopping and I was sat out on the doorstep lol

So the 11.10am was the train for me :)  I left home a little bit later than I had wanted due to me wasting time on here.  It had started off being a lovely day weather wise.  Anyway so I walk up the road and waited for the first bus to take me into town.  Had to wait as you always do with that one.  Grrrrr......Eventually get into town but get annoyed with the rather large bloke who was taking up too much room if you know what I mean ;)  Walk fairly fast through the high street to get to the street for the bus.  At the end of this road is M&S (Marks and Spencer for our friends abroad ;)  and one of their delivery lorries was parked on the corner which is where the bus would come down but it still had room so I wasn't worried.

Well I wasn't until another bus going the other way stopped at the bus stop opposite where this lorry is parked so the whole road way is now blocked and it's 10.50am.............ugh panic.   Plus it was raining quite heavily now :( 

Eventually the bus arrives and I'm already feelin' stressed.  Guess what?  The slowest woman EVER wants to get off!!!  The phrase 'this can't be happening to me' popped into my head several times.  Get on the bus, sit down, get annoyed some more but eventually reach the designated destination.  Have to queue for a ticket as there is a barrier and you can't past without one.  Brought one fine when the bloke tells me the next train is the 11.10 from platform 5 (there's me thinking i know this.........) he then tells me it's delayed due to some landslide in Dawlish!  What??????  That's alright just a few minutes I reckoned and made my way to the platform.

Lots of people there but it's fine.  The sign is just flashing delayed with no time given as to when it's gonna arrive.  Ring mum and explained the situation, will be there just don't know when!!

Half an hour later I can't catch the next one either as that too is now flashing delayed :(  At this rate by the time I get to Mum's will be time to come home.  So I seek out the railway person to get details.  She couldn't tell us anything.  Apparently someone had to inspect the debris and then someone had to move it.  She said nothing would be moving much after 12pm.  So I ring mum and give her this glorious news (please note the sarcasm) and tell her it's best that I leave it for the day coz god knows when I might arrive :(

I felt REALLY bad :(  There was no point in catching a bus as they take forever to get there going through all the back streets etc.  So that was it due to the damn weather my day was ruined YET AGAIN!!!  I did however manage to get a refund on my ticket :o) 

So back on the bus and now my thought's change to worrying about wether I was going to be able to get into the flats.  The amount of rain that was falling reminds me of that weekend during the freak rain shower and the doorstep was covered in water :(  Luckily it was fine!!  I couldn't even count on my back up plan coz they were on their way to Twickenham to see Iron Maiden!! 

When I got in, after having a bit of a tantrum :(  I settled down in front of the TV watched a couple of DVD's and ate!!!

As I live near the train line, I did note that I didn't see any trains going up till 9pm.  However my Team Leader who had visited her mum that day said she caught a train home at 3pm or thereabouts and she was coming from the Dawlish direction!!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday I did nothing!!!  I watched Memoirs of a Geisha which I thought was very good :o)  Then I watched the Men's final at Wimbledon.  I was rooting for Federer but alas it was not to be.  I did manage to see a bit of Top Gear thanks to the rain at Wimbledon ;) 

Other than that life is just plodding along as normal.  (God my computer's slow tonight!!)  I'm regretting posting the Gig Diary last week :( 

You see the thing is (and please forgive me for this as I'm just feelin' sorry for myself), I'm living on my own so that means one wage packet.  I can't afford to go out and meet someone like 'normal' people do.  Yes I am aware there are clubs that you wouldn't necessairly have to pay for, don't try to find a solution peeps just let me rant!!!!  So when something like 'Charlie' happens it plays on my mind.  That incident happened in November and I was still thinking about it and 'him' until March at least!!!

At some point it managed to get pushed to the back of my mind, but posting about it here and reading your comments especially Indigo's which made me laugh :)  has just brought it all back to the front of the head again.  I wish I had a button that would tell me to stop dwelling on things and I know it's easier said than done but I really wish I could :(  Unfortunately I have a lot of time to think!!!!!

Anyhoo I know I'm being stupid and need to grow up but I just needed to post that and jot it down so it's one less thing I have to think about.......................

If only it were that simple huh?

Have a good week peeps x

P.S Mum I am sorry I will make it up to you xxxx


jlocorriere05 said...

I'm sorry your day was ruined on Saturday by the landslide. I hope you can get to your mums' some other time soon. It's hard with only one wage packet, I think you do well to get to all the gigs you go to! Jeannette xx  

mortonlake said...

missed  charlie  hun        werent  readin ya  journal  then.   i  miss  sumthin  good?       know  all about  hard up            why ya  think  im single?  lol         you take care love              want  free  datin  site   mail me          n  this  is  a nice  one         mort  xxx

swmpgrly said...

Wow what a day...FYI I live in Taunton too but in the USA...lol

ukgal36 said...

wow..that sucked!

cherry2sweet2eat said...

damn that sound like a day.

labdancer51 said...

What an awful weekend Jenny, It sounds as it it wasn`t meant for you to see your Mum that day, no wonder you were annoyed. I hope you get to see her soon.

Love Sandra xxxx

oddb0dkins said...

Well, I hope you have a much better weekend this week Jen.

B. x

rdautumnsage said...

I know your bumming about writing about Charlie...personally I'm glad you did. It was an unexpected sweet moment. It's how I imagine you finding the ideal guy for you is at one of these concerts. It would be perfect, someone who enjoyed his music as much as you did. Charlie is a simple reminder it can happen. I'm glad I was able to get you to smile about it. What a dastardly day that was...You get a thumbs up for effort at least hon. Your Mom sounds like a great person, I'm more than sure she understands. Thanks for reminding me I wanted to see that movie "Memoirs of a Geisha....(Hugs)Indigo

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen - i'm behind with my journal reading, so i guess by now you have seen the 'chiefs', hey girlie your in my territory now and you didn't come see me ....lol...hope Eden was fab, no doubt you will journal all about it.
Big Luv -Jaynee X